August 22, 2008

Busy, busy days...

The past few days have been terrible, but the weekend is approaching and brighter days are ahead. Guess it’s time for another round of “catching up”.

ENTAKT will release their yet untitled sophomore album on October 6. The two tracks (premixes) I’ve heard so far sound absolutely phenomenal, so I boldly predict that this will be my favorite album of 2008.

Diefenbach will release Dark Spinner, their 4th album, on October 27.

We Are Popular, the much anticipated debut album by The Holiday Show, will be out October 20.

October could end up being quite interesting, as moi Caprice (I’ve mentioned this previously) will release a new album as well.

One Weekly Gun is back writing songs, including this one inspired by the hoopla surrounding Paris Hilton's recent visit to Denmark.
+ Oh, Paris!

Thanks to Ivan for introducing me to Swedish duo The Argument, which is believed to be the new project of Marcus from Bakers at Dawn.
+ Forget All About The Politics

I've just purchased a copy of the This Is How It Ends EP by The Papertiger Sound. Stream the 4 tracks at Myspace.

One of the Danish radio journalists got so fed up with the Olympics that he decided to do something completely different and instead explore the Beijing indie rock scene. That way I (and hopefully a few others) got introduced to Carsick Cars, which we have been told are highly popular in their native country. The trio has been the opening act for Sonic Youth a few times and once you listen it becomes pretty obvious that the legendary US act has been a great source of inspiration.
+ Guang Chang

Hits In The Car favorite Andrew Boland will be giving away free copies of his forthcoming release, the four-track How The West Was Won 7" EP. Read more at Myspace.
+ Baptist's Lullaby

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