October 3, 2008


According to an article today (it’s in Danish, but read it here if you like) several nightclubs have successfully kept troublemakers away by not playing hip-hop and rap. Now you draw your own conclusions, but shitty music attracts...

In his blog yesterday the infamous Myspace founder Tom claimed that the download links for free tracks are back again. However I have yet to find one downloadable track, but am seriously looking forward to whenever things are back working properly again.

Biker Boy doesn't seem to be able to make the download function work, so he has posted download links for October Song as well as the remix of the track done by House of Primates. The firewall at work doesn't like the links, but I hope they are working!?
+ October Song
+ October Song (Remix)

Great service! Slow Shark Records has mailed me a copy of the debut album We Are Popular by The Holiday Show…nearly 3 weeks before it’s released!

Hits In The Car favorite Pete White has added two newly recorded tracks to his Myspace player as well as a lovely new version of Hand Signals.

October 10 at 10am a new and vastly improved version (so we're told) of Gaffa.dk will be launched.

Here’s the brand new video for the beautiful Värnhem by Emerald Park.

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