October 7, 2008


Fucking yeah! The number of daily visitors has finally started to grow and the average of October so far is 426 compared to 409 in September. But the glorious days of November last year (591/day) don’t seem likely to return any time soon.

Not always easy being a small band I guess. As much as I’m trying to hype Entakt, the band isn’t exactly getting much support from the media. None of the mainstream newspapers have (so far) bothered reviewing the new album, and Gaffa is the only music site to post a review.

New demo track Untouchable by Ruined by Martin can now be streamed at Myspace. The band has been awfully quiet for a long time, so any sign of life is welcome.

Seems like Tap Tap is halfway through the recordings of a follow-up to the excellent Lanzafame.
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New album At Home With The Foo Fighters by The Foster Kids is out on Letterbox Records today.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning The Foster Kids! It is possibly the best album we have ever released at Letterbox Records!

Best wishes,



Börneblogger said...

Tap Tap er glimrende, glimrende indie pop. Dejligt at høre en englænder lade sig inspirere af den amerikanske konventionelle indie rock.