October 8, 2008


The fact that I prefer the physical CD’s to digital downloads has been discussed multiple times before in this blog, so no point in bring that one back to life. But I’ve got to admit that the digital downloads have at least these two advantages. Storing all you CD’s can be quite a challenge and to me it represents an ever-growing problem. Furthermore the digital downloads don’t pile up on your desk reminding you about all the music you really ought to listen to. What’s stored on your computer is somehow easier to ignore. So what's brewing?

Yesterday I wanted to buy the new moi Caprice CD We Had Faces Then, but it hadn’t arrived at the CD store, so I went home empty handed (completely untrue – I just bought a couple of other CD’s instead). Instead a digital version of the album, somehow fell into my lap today, so I did get a chance to listen to it today after all. But I am going to buy the physical thing anyway, even though it will only add to the aforementioned problems/challenges – junkies are addicted you know! And despite that I think the album is a disappointment. At least through the first 3 listens it is. This is unmistakably moi Caprice with the lovely vocals and the dreamy sound, but the songwriting is simply not of the same quality as on previous albums. Stream 9 out of 11 tracks at Myspace and tell me I’m wrong?

The sophomore album Crystal Heights by Celestial is probably the next album I’ll give a thorough listen. One listen is simply not enough to make a proper judgment, though the first impression was pretty good.
+ Crystal Heights

The Celestial album was mailed to me by frontman Andreas, and he included the 3” single by My Lily of the Valley released on Cloudberry Records. Much appreciated, but at the same time it helped the pile of CD’s grow just a tiny bit higher.
+ Precious Moments

I picked up the Grateful album by Carpark North yesterday, though I’m not quite sure why I did that exactly, as I’m caring less and less about the band for every release. I’m probably stuck with some kind of nostalgic/ancient memory of the Carstereo demo (released in 2000), which I still believe is the best selling demo ever in Denmark.

I also bought two demo CD’s by “local hero” The Village Idiot. Both demos were picked as Gaffa’s “demo of the month” (getting 6 out of 6 stars) and I’m convinced they are absolutely fantastic. Just need to listen to them first. On a side note I found it highly encouraging that it was possible to buy those demos at a “real” CD store.

My biggest and darkest guilty conscience these days is the missing write-up on the debut album by Choir of Young Believers. It’s bloody, fantastic, marvelous and please, please buy a copy. Not sure if I’ll be forgiven or get any relief that way, but it’s sure worth the gamble!
+ Next Summer

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