October 9, 2008


Entakt has announced tour dates in support of the new album. I plan to turn up at Forbrændingen November 7. See you there? Supporting act will be Wolf Lies Down (never heard of them).

The fine Zen Sucker album by Danes Larsen & Furious Jane was released in the US two days ago (October 7). Read my thoughts on the album.
+ A Deathbed Conversation

One Weekly Gun continues to publish new songs (30 new babies so far this year). The most recent one deals with the state of the American economy.
+ Take Me To The Meeting On Time

It's taken at least 5 listens for me to realize that there are in fact a few really fine tracks on the new moi Caprice album. Hopefully this means that the album is a grower.

Scanned through a few promo mails earlier today and noticed the use of the word “infectious” in one of them. And since it’s one of my favorite words, I thought why not give the song a listen. Same Damn Song is by LA duo More Amor and it's, if not infectious then at least, a pretty catchy electronic pop thing.
+ Same Damn Song

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