October 20, 2008

We are popular...

Didn’t go to that concert Friday evening after all, as we ended up in some posh winebar instead and got stuck. Saturday morning I mournfully regretted that I did go, but that had more to do with the hangovers than actually missing the concert. But before surrendering myself to the virtues of the wine, I visited the TP music store right next to Rundetårn, where The Holiday Show was playing a short in store concert. The band's label had already mailed me a promo copy of the debut album We Are Popular, so picking up a copy wasn’t necessary. Instead I had a 10 minutes chat afterwards with Mads (the drummer) about the band’s future plans, ambitions etc.
The album is officially released today, and it will be interesting to follow the overall reception. The band has been media darlings for some time winning “MyMusic-legatet” in 2006 as well as getting a nice demo review (5 out of 6 stars) in Gaffa last year. But those happy and noncommittal days as a demo band are over, and the first review of the album was less than enthusiastic. However another review has surfaced, which takes a far more positive look at the album.
From a personal point of view I’m happy to finally see the album released (after all it’s been more than 2½ years since my first post on the band), as I’m eagerly awaiting new recordings from the band. May sound absurd as the debut has just been released, but as I’ve been following the band this closely, I was already quite familiar with most of the album tracks, as they’ve been floating around in cyberspace in various versions for a long, long time.
Should you however be a complete stranger to The Holiday Show and have a soft spot for irresistible electro-pop tunes, I can only recommend that you give these four lads a really thorough listen.
I have no tracks available for free download, but five album tracks can be streamed at Myspace. (buy)

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