November 18, 2008

Always something missing...

When I wrote about the release of the We Are Popular debut album by The Holiday Show, something was indeed missing, as I had no song to accompany my post. Now the band’s label Slow Shark Records has mailed me the album opener Always Something Missing to share with anyone interested, thus helping to make my previous post complete.
+ Always Something Missing

Blog favorites Kind of girl is currently touring the UK and is writing a "tour diary" for the readers of Gaffa (in Danish).

This Sunday afternoon (November 23) Majorian is throwing a party to celebrate the release of the band’s new self-titled EP. The EP contains 3 tracks produced by Paul Schroeder and the artwork has been created by Tracy Maurice. The band promises a free copy of the EP to anyone showing up at the party, which will take place at Restaurant Magstræde 16 (in Copenhagen) at 4PM. None of the new tracks are yet available, but a bunch of older tracks are free to download at BandBase.


mavis said...

Tak Morten!!! Endnu engang tak!

Love, Brian Batz

stytzer said...

Velbekomme :)