November 19, 2008


Florida indie/new wave band The Monday Photo is currently recording “our first official release”. New track Stellar and The Lifeguard is now streaming at Myspace.

Speaking of Myspace. I’ve more or less given up on this site. Used to provide us with lots of great downloads, but for several months we’ve been waiting for this service to be working again.

Even the artists seem to have problems figuring out what’s going on. Danish electronica artist Spejderrobot (a.k.a. Mikael Elkjær) has remixed the Mercury Rev track Butterfly’s Wing and wants to share it as a free download. But (no surprises) the download function isn’t working and Mikael has now asked Myspace to fix the problem. I wish him the best of luck, 'cause he’s going to need all the luck he can get.

Peter is really high on this track by Sweden's The Voyage. I fully agree with his Mew/The Radio Dept. comparisons.
+ Kitten In The Snow

The consensus seems to be that the Danish live debut by much-hyped Scotsmen Glasvegas was a major disappointment

This week's song by One Weekly Gun is about drugs. Plain and simple!
+ Magic Mushroom

I’m currently giving the debut album Summer/Winter Nights by Swedish indie duo The Argument a good listen. It’s really interesting and virtually impossible to label. But it’s free to download, so grab it and judge it yourself.
+ The Rumor

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