December 10, 2008


Find information on how to pre-order the forthcoming Ether Aura album Watercolor Ghost Town. $12 seems like s a fairly reasonable price.

Danish New Order/Joy Division inspired indie rock trio Demons Are Real will release a 5 track EP named The Blessing Of Sorrow on February 2nd. They’ve previously promised that a new release would include more “evil sounding” guitars, so it will be quite interesting to hear if the band has moved in completely different direction. All 6 tracks of the band’s previous (and absolutely terrific) EP Hum Speed On/Off are free to download at BandBase.
+ Burning Oil

One Weekly Gun
shares his thoughts on the threat of terrorism.
+ Tomorrow When it Comes

Sudd is dead.

Time to vote. The Matinée fanclub poll is open.

Looking forward to the moi Caprice concert at Toldkammeret Friday evening. One more band to wipe off that “bands I need to see” list.
+ Drama Queen

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