December 11, 2008


Will I ever learn to make up my mind? In April I wrote that I thought the Lykke Li album Youth Novels was plain boring. But before making my year-end list, I thought I should give it another listen and suddenly find myself completely in love with it! Apparently I can’t always tell the difference between boring and beautiful? D’oh!
+ Dance, Dance, Dance

Two tracks from the forthcoming Demons Are Real EP I mentioned yesterday can now be streamed at Myspace. I'm afraid that the jury is still out!

Completely forgot to mention in the same post yesterday that the excellent indie poppers No and the Maybes will be supporting moi Caprice tomorrow night. The band gave a really fine performance at this year’s Vesterbro Festival (now known as Start! Festival) and with plenty of gigs under their belt since the release of the self-titled album in October I expect them to (at least) match that one.
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