January 27, 2009

Majorian/Sleep Party People videos...

Neither Sleep Party People nor Majorian should be completely unfamiliar to you, if you’re a semi-regular reader of this blog. But in case you happen to be a newcomer, here’s an ultra short recap. SSP is an electronic solo project of Brian Batz, who’s also one of the driving forces behind Majorian. This weekend Brian mailed me the links for two new videos; one by each band/project, and kindly asked if I'd be interested in posting them...and of course I am!

The first one features Majorian playing a stripped down and really lovely version of the track Island (of their recent EP) prior to a concert. Thus explains why the video bears the additional title “Dressing Rooms Concerts”. Recorded and edited by Martin Thaulow. Shoe polish anyone?

The second one only runs for 1:45 and features the Sleep Party People track In The Morning Sun We Stand. It includes/mixes videos taped in New York and Bornholm, and was recorded and edited by mr. Batz himself.

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