January 24, 2009

Paper Sky...

Guess it’s time for something completely different. Not groundbreaking different (not much is these days), but from what I normally post around these parts. Got bored last night while watching 007 on telly, and instead started reading a few promo mails. Thus I got introduced to Paper Sky; an (in their own words) "Anglo/Italian experimental rock pop 4some". And you probably will agree that experimental pop groups finding inspiration in artists like PJ Harvey and Patti Smith aren’t daily news on this blog? Cannot really point out what I like about these songs, and perhaps the band just caught me at a time, where I need a breath of fresh air? Just like I recall from some of those experimental 60’s/70’s bands I've tried listening to every now and then, the songs of Paper Sky have several layers, which sort of prevents them from being instantly likeable (they miss that indie pop charm). But at the same time those are the kind of songs that just seem to get a little bit better for every listen and often ending with a highly rewarding result if you keep your patience. And since so many tracks are free to download, why not risk an ear (or maybe two) and there might even be something for you in here as well?
+ Alligators Sky
+ Chameleon
+ Dear Lover
+ Perfect Day
+ Strong Enough
+ The Last Time
+ This City

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