January 28, 2009

A fine start...

Perhaps some of you remember that I opted not to post any ”best of 2008” lists. As I wrote back then, it had lots to do with me not liking the “nature” of those lists, as they are so definitive. But in all honesty it was equally caused by the (in my opinion) lack of great album releases in 2008. Well a few outstanding ones aside that was. Therefore it’s really encouraging that 2009 has already given us a few fantastic releases.

Dear John by Loney, Dear arrived in my mailbox last night and it’s pretty much what I hoped for. A little darker and perhaps a bit more complicated than Loney, Noir, but those charming indie pop tunes are still very much present. Now I'm impatiently waiting for the other 4 Loney, Dear albums to arrive. I've never been good at lengthy reviews, so instead I recommend you read the fine one posted by Chromewaves today.
+ Airport Surroundings

Probably no band is more hyped these days than White Lies, but still the debut album had no problems whatsoever meeting whatever expectations I might have had. Cannot think of a better way to describe the band and its music, than this one, originally posted by Exitfare (the first blog to ever feature the trio): “Think of White Lies as the bastard love child of Editors and The Killers, only better”. White Lies will be playing at Lille Vega on March 4 and I'll do my best to secure a couple of tickets tomorrow, when tickets go on sale.

Another band worth some hype (but not really getting any) is Florida dreampoppers Purplespace. The band’s second album A Tiny Little Spark follows nicely in the footstep of the 2006 debut Broken Bells, as not much has been changed. So once again the band proves, how well shoegaze and electronica blend, and whenever those female vocals set in, it almost make you feel like reaching for the sky!
+ Goodbye


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Parklife said...

You're absolutely right about 2008 being not the best year, album wise.

In 2009 there are already a few CDs that cought my ears and are really great:
- The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (yeah! :-)
- Burning Hearts (see my post today)
- Lower Heaven (probably the best of these albums)
- De Rosa (not bad at all, too)

White Lies is nice but, as an entire album a bit tireing at the end...