January 22, 2009

Someone Like Me...

Some of you probably agree that countless are the times where I’ve whined about the lack of quality of the music sent to me in various promo mails. And I’ve often asked myself why I even bother checking them out. But then suddenly out of the blue something pops up, which makes it all worthwhile. The most recent example is this energetic, anthemic and catchy track; Someone Like Me; by London quartet glass.ligths. It’s not like this is highly original and it does sound like something you’ve heard times and times before. I mean – it’s pretty obvious that we’re roaming around somewhere in the indie rock neighborhood of bands like Editors, Killers, Kaiser Chiefs etc., but this track has no problems holding its own. Actually it easily outdoes most of the stuff released by said artists. So I guess what I'm really trying to say is that this is a damn good one.
+ Someone Like Me

An Entakt track which didn’t make the På Bagsiden Af Europa album will soon be free to download. It’s named Orkestret Med Det Blotlagte Skelet (which roughly translates to something like; The Orchestra with the Exposed Skeleton) and is said to be somewhat Tom Waits inspired. Check back for more information.

Loney, Dear will be playing at Lille Vega on April 5. Ticket has (of course) been bought.
+ I Am John

Those of us, who actually gave it a listen, probably agree that the debut album Where The Storm Meets The Ground by The Storm was a major disappointment? But the duo seems to be in good spirits and has recently announced that they will soon start recording a follow-up. However I do suspect that everyone’s expectations will be significantly lower this time around. To be honest I’d much rather hear news on the forthcoming Mew album.
+ The Beauty Of Small Things

Last week I posted a pretty good Dave Wrangler remix of the Animal Collective track My Girls. Mr. Wrangler has now set up a small webpage where several other fine remixes are free to download.
+ The Raveonettes - Black White (White Room Remix)

One Weekly Gun is back writing songs again. The first track of 2009 is named The Song that Kills and was inspired by the situation in the Gaza strip. Obviously this is a sensitive topic, which has already led to a heated discussion.
+ The Song that Kills

Labrador gives away the new single by Suburban Kids with Biblical Names.
+ 1999

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