February 2, 2009

At the beginning of the learning curve...

Wonder if I’ll ever learn. Spending Saturday night drinking and dancing, and not going to bed until 3 AM takes it toll on an old man like me. Problem is that once I have completely recovered; only the fond memories and the funny picture (I do look goofy I know) will remain. Long forgotten are the hangovers and the way I felt the following Monday morning when going to work. So I guess I can answer the question myself; NO; I will never learn. And a fun time we had Saturday night going to a birthday party. The jukebox was really crappy. It took ages in-between songs, you never knew if the songs you had ordered would ever be played and the selection of CD’s was downright horrible. But somehow the dancefloor was packed all night, so something tells me that it wasn’t that bad after all? Or maybe people aren’t that picky about music, when partying? I even spent an interesting half hour discussing music with some poor soul, who didn’t knew what was coming, when I asked him about music he’s playing (he’s a musician). Hopefully he didn’t feel that much under siege, and I actually thought it was quite an interesting talk, where among topics we discussed the local venue, the future of the music business, promotion, concerts vs. CD sales and of course my favorite "is music tangible or intangible?". But there’ll be no parties for the next few weeks, which should give me plenty of time to recover!

More than once have I labeled Mancunian quartet Kni9hts "the best unsigned band in the world". Now the band is no more! Instead say hello to The Number, which is the new name for the exact same constellation. I’ve always thought that Kni9hts was a pretty cool and (more importantly) rather unique band name, which made google searches etc. much easier. The Number definitely will generate a slightly different “number” of google matches. Haven’t seen any explanations for this sudden change of name, so your guess is as good as any. The back catalogue, which consists of 16 terrific demo tracks, is still free to download from (what once was) the official webpage.
+ Coastal
+ Jolan District
+ Golden Triangle

Probably had nothing to do with my whining, but it seems like that the Ruined by Martin debut concert won’t happen on April 25 after all. A new date has been mentioned, but I’ll refrain from posting anything until it has been verified. But at least chances are better that I’ll be able to make it on that new date.
+ Burn The Sun

As soon as I had mentioned that Tower of Foil was recording a full length album, the band announced that it has been signed by Series Two Records. The debut album is scheduled for release sometime during 2009.
+ Faster Than You Eye

One Weekly Gun has published his second song of 2009.
+ This Mean Tweeter

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