January 30, 2009

More shorties...

One eye is weeping and one eye is laughing. Ruined by Martin has finally announced a live date. The band’s debut concert will take place on April 25 at Lades in Copenhagen. This is news that I’ve been waiting impatiently for, and then the first date collides with a trip to Tallinn with the boys. But hopefully this is just the first of many live dates to come? If RbM is still unknown territory to you, 5 tracks are free to download from this post.
+ Kaiser Star

Lovely Swedish (somewhat jazz inspired) indie pop quartet Tower of Foil are (according to the band's myspace blog) busy recording, what should end up being their first full-length album. The entire back catalogue (well almost) is free to download from the band’s webpage.
+ Everlasting

Perhaps to celebrate their record contract, which I mentioned yesterday, Ginger Ninja is giving away a free remix of the track Red Lips at BandBase.dk.
+ Red Lips (We Know You Love It Remix)

According to their webpage; the venues for the White Lies concerts in the UK are being upgraded. No upgrade necessary in Denmark (yet), as tickets are still available.

The incomparable Cloudberry Records has just released a split 3 inch CD-R featuring Kevin McGrother and My Laundry Life. This is the purest of indie pop.
+ Kevin McGrother - A Week of Wednesdays
+ My Laundry Life - Sons & Guns

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