February 11, 2009

From the mailbox...

The mailbox flooding continues and the past few days I've been busy reading, deleting, downloading, deleting, listening and deleting. As always I have probably listened to 10 songs for every decent one I have found. So to be able to post these 8 songs I have listened to at least? Oh well, you do the math. Have a rather busy day ahead of me, so I'm afraid that the music will have to speak for itself today.

+ The Memories Attack - Peaks & Valleys
+ Dead Heart Bloom - Flash In A Bottle
+ Jadiid - Hallelujah
+ We Have Band - West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys cover)
+ Evening Magazine - 18 Wheels
+ De Rosa - Nocturne For An Absentee
+ Polly Scattergood - Nitrogen Pink
+ The Thermals - Now We Can See

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