February 10, 2009


Here’s another nice little surprise from the mailbox. As usual I cannot really pinpoint what exactly made me check this particular mail out, instead of the +400 other unread ones in the mailbox, though it probably was the use of the label “shoegaze” that once again did the trick? So this morning I’ve been listen to Swedish one-man project Vadadi, which logically is named after the man behind the music; Robert Vadadi. He’s quite recently (late 2008 I believe) put out a self-titled album containing 9 tracks (and running for a little more than 34 minutes), which can be purchased (download only) for the nice little sum of $2.50. The album opens with Loveless, which I obviously guess is meant as a tribute to My Bloody Valentine? Maybe not quite sounding like anything by MBV (I'm no expert though), but with enough noisy guitars to make my suggestion plausible. And as the album pleasantly moves on, I certainly hear some Mojave 3 inspiration, there's plenty of straightforward indie rock, as well as more noisy guitars. And I'm almost prepared to claim that even fans of Loney, Dear will find some sweet indie pop sounds to enjoy. But that Mr. Vadadi has been listening to Mew is almost impossible to ignore, as the track Forgive Me would have been a nice fit on And the Glass Handed Kites. So plenty of ground is covered, and more listens will probably reveal plenty of other inspirational sources. But as always this is not what really matters the most to me. Far more important is that all of the songs are of great quality (songwriting especially) and that 34 minutes in company with this brilliant album is time well spent. As previously mentioned the album is available as download only, though the official webpage reveals that a limited edition CD is available for a whopping €399. But that should include personal delivery at your door anywhere in Scandinavia! Stream the whole thing at Last.fm, if you’re cash strapped and would like to listen before buying!
+ Loveless
+ New Favorite

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