February 12, 2009


I’ve spent several hours today re-installing and updating my computer at work. Strict orders from those in charge of business, to pave the way for the installation of some pointless (which "they" insist is crucial) document management/handling/scanning/whatever/who bloody cares anyway? program. And who am I to object? Though I didn’t waste this glorious opportunity and did of course deliver a really fine performance of my usual crybaby whining stunt (regular readers should know what I'm talking about), but to absolutely no prevail. So updated my computer is now, meaning that nothing looks like it used to. Hate it!

Germans Stereo Inn has mailed me the opening track Rockshow of the band’s 2008 EP Welcome To The Stereo Inn. I’ll stick to my original impression that they somehow messed up things in Geographic classes, as a band sounding indie pop charming like this has to come from Sweden. Yummy! The band’s self-titled 2006 EP, which needless to say is absolutely gorgeous, is yours to grab from free from Last.fm.
+ Rockshow

Judging from recent blog posts everything seems to be fine in the land of Mew. Though for my taste we’ve had a few too many of those “we’re almost there” messages. Comments definitely indicate that I’m not the only one impatiently waiting for detailed news (e.g. release date) and who would like to listen to even the shortest preview clip from the album. Kind of like postponing Christmas and telling the children that Christmas WILL come. Though we cannot tell exactly when! As a somewhat smaller consolation the band has published the first (of many I hope) concert date for this summer.

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boo lau said...

jeg ser din blog når jeg søger Betty & The Cavaleros. Det er godt at ved at du kan også lide Mew. Undskyld for min dårlig dansk, bare vil sige hej :-)