February 17, 2009

Shorties (Danish edition)...

Blog favorites Entakt are giving away the track Orkestret med det blotlagte skelet, which didn’t make the final cut for the album På Bagsiden Af Europa. Not because it’s bad, which it certainly isn't, but simply because it didn’t fit in. A quite Tom Waits inspired tune sounding nothing like anything we've previous heard from the band.
+ Orkestret med det blotlagte skelet

Youngsters Avisitor will soon be recording new songs. When I mentioned it, the band claimed that the clear The Smiths inspiration on a few of their previous songs wasn’t intentional, so it will be fairly interesting to hear in what direction these new songs will take the band.
+ I Am The Visitor

It’s now official that Ruined by Martin live debut will take place at Lades in Copenhagen on April 3.

And it seems to be equally official that the new album by Mew will be released in June.

The 2006 debut album Stockholm Syndrome by acoustic/folk duo Murder was a thing of beauty and the band has now begun the recordings of the eagerly awaited follow-up.
+ Daughters of Heavy

The album Are You In The Mood For Love? by singer-songwriter Jacob Faurholt was released yesterday. Haven’t listened to the whole thing, but the two promo tracks are beautiful and reviews are in general quite positive (1, 2, 3, 4).
+ Love is sick (when no one laughs at all)
+ Our old neighbourhood

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Parklife said...

The Entakt-link doesn't seem to be right - it's to the Avisitors-song (for a second time)...!