February 20, 2009

This and That plus some That and This...

Been really busy at work the past couple of days, as I needed to prepare various materials for, what turned-out to be, a lengthy meeting yesterday. I’ve said it before and certainly don’t mind repeating it; I hate (H A T E) when the inferior things in life (work) start interfering with the important stuff (music and blogging). But work pays the bills, so I guess one has to give it top priority every now and then.

This is old news already, but I still believe it is worth mentioning that Green Day will finally follow-up American Idiot, as 21st Century Breakdown will be out in May. American Idiot was really nothing less than absolutely fantastic, but nonetheless I’ve decided to tone down my expectations to a very minimum, as those “risk of getting hugely disappointed” signs are out!
+ American Idiot (via Better Propaganda in case some nitpicker will argue that I'm not allowed to post it)

Jonas Jonsson, a.k.a. the man behind superb Swedish one-man project Bedroom Eyes, is currently spending lots of time in Norway recording a debut album. Apparently the location of the studio Ocean Sound Recordings is very scenic, so hopefully this will influence both the songwriting and the production. No words on when the album will be out or who’s expected to release it, though one could suspect that he plans to do it himself. The two previously released 4-track EP’s Valentine Vacancy and Embrace In Stereo are still free to download from the official webpage.
+ Motorcycle Daydream (Embrace In Stereo)
+ Norwegian Pop (Valentine Vacancy)

Still working on getting into the newly released Feel.Love.Thinking.Of. album by Faunts. I'll refrain from saying that I'm disappointed, as I'm not sure what my expectations really were. Though I probably didn't anticipate this to be something requiring time and work?
+ Feel.Love.Thinking.Of (Mexicans with Guns Remix)

Play People’s 7” vinyl single featuring the immensely catchy Goes Out will finally be out on Cloudberry Records on February 28. The band sorts of celebrate this by adding the brand new and equally catchy track Feel Good to their Myspace player. Streaming only I’m afraid.
+ Goes Out

More tonight... I hope!

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