February 24, 2009

Shorties (one-liners)...

Work, work, work...

Really looking forward to hearing the promo copy of the Polly Scattergood debut, whenever I receive it!
+ Nitrogen Pink

For next week’s concert at Vega in Copenhagen White Lies will be supported by Wintersleep.
+ Weighty Ghost

I’m listening to the Plushgun debut album Pins & Panzers and it’s really, really good!
+ Just Impolite

Will soon starting making new Play People rumors up myself, as the band refuses to reveal anything about the future (insider joke).
+ Square One

One last goodbye from Oliver North Boy Choir.

The sophomore album Harmony Handgrenade by The Oxygen Ponies will (finally) be out on Hidden Target Records on May 19.
+ The War Is Over
+ Fevered Cyclone

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Dan said...

Wow, Wintersleep have the notion of teaming up with great bands. In Berlin they supported Asobi Seksu. If you have the opportunity - go and see them !