February 27, 2009

Look my way...

I posted the video for the new Doves single Kingdom Of Rust two weeks ago, and the song has been on permanent rotation ever since. Jetstream, the first track published from the forthcoming album, is still free to download from the official webpage, and the combination of the two tracks has increased my expectations for the upcoming album. I know I should be careful not expecting too much, at the band’s previous album Some Cities was a disappointing follow-up to the incredible The Last Broadcast, as it just never reached the epic heights of its predecessor. A month and half from now (April 6) we’ll all be much wiser, so until then I’m crossing everything possible and hoping that the band will hit another homerun. The band’s gig page has my constant attention, as new live dates are regularly being added. So far no European dates (plenty of UK/Ireland dates, but none on the continent) have been published and seeing Denmark being added to the list, would pretty much being a "dream come true". However I have a slight suspicion that the bands only visit to our small country will be for the Roskilde Festival, which will leave me discontented once again, as I definitely won't be attending the festival. So I’m crossing what’s left to cross, and hoping that a “real” Danish concert date will be published...soon!

The past few days have been scrapbook material for Brian Batz (a.k.a. Sleep Party People). Not only did he publish a brand new track by Sleep Party People, but perhaps even better his solo project was featured as New Band of the Day on this blog.

New track Press Hold by Swedish synth duo Ostrich is streaming at the band’s Myspace page. Been a while since we heard any news from the lads, but this one was worth waiting for!

US quartet The Respectables have been mailing a few tracks since the band was included in last week’s “mailbox” post. And the track Could It Be has actually been added to my current favorites (see the right column), without me even bothering commenting the band or the song. The band won’t be the runaway winners of any innovation contests, as the music is straightforward rock music with catchy hooks and riffs aplenty. But who will object and say that this is a bad thing? And since the band throws a lead singer sounding like a Kelly Jones/Rod Stewart clone into the mix, you know we're dealing will stuff that will never grow out of fashion.
+ Spark & Destiny
+ Could It Be

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the additional mp3 from The Respectables.

I really like "Could It Be" as well.
Sometimes the simplest things are the best!