February 6, 2009

This and that...

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the new and final Oliver North Boy Choir EP Blackmail will be out February 22. As a small appetizer the band has decided to give away a so-called “synth version” of the lead track.
+ Blackmail (2nd version)

Danish electro-pop/rock act Volvoe has been awfully quiet for a long time, but news is that the recording of an album is progressing. Slowly, but progressing! The band’s 2007 EP Organized Faults was (and still is) a true, but sadly overlooked, gem.
+ Places
+ Organized Faults
+ Remedy
+ Snowscape
+ These Moments

1st single Miami off the forthcoming Green Concorde album Down The Corridor To The Exit Through The Gates Out Into Safety can now be streamed at Myspace. Does sound a little too much like previous stuff by the band, and I do think that Flowers Of Romance, which was the first track published off the album, is more interesting and better.
+ Flowers of Romance

Spinning off my post earlier today, one of my best and real-life friends hits 40 today. No party’s planned, so he’ll drop by for pizza and beers tonight. Unfortunately we cannot go out for pizza and beers, as I’ll have to stay home looking after the kids, because my wife is going to a…you guessed it…birthday party. Don’t know what is so special about February 6, but it seems like May is or was a great month for conceiving? My present for him will be a ticket for the White Lies concert as well as the band’s debut album.
+ Death

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Mari said...

Hey guess what! WNEW is giving away tickets to see White Lies in concert- check it out and click below!