March 21, 2009

Live blogging (once again)...

I quite enjoyed the live blogging Wednesday evening, and since the scenario is pretty much the same tonight (wife’s out and the kids are asleep), I thought why not do it again? I still have plenty of mails to read, stuff to comment and a few songs to post, so for the next couple of hours this post will slowly expand. A photo will be added in a few minutes. Finally; here's the usual disclaimer. There will be more focus on writing and posting than on spelling and grammar!

As promised a photo. Please notice the beer (yummy) and of course that my hair's been cut! Still badly need a shave though!

I now have a staggering 98 followers at Twitter. Still trying to figure out if this thing is of any use? Those with lots of followers also follow a lot of people. Seems like several "I follow you - you follow me" agreements are being made. But does anyone actually read what anyone else is writing?

Here’s that new track by Death Valley Sleepers I mentioned the other night. Have mailed a little bit back and forth with Tobias (the man behind the alias), and he seems rather frustrated that the download function at Myspace is no longer working. Especially, as he wants his music to be free to download to help spreading the word. The music still bridges from The Velvet Underground via JAMC to The Raveonettes, but this unusual lengthy track (+ 6 minutes) has to be their best effort yet. UPDATE: Loved by 14 other persons already at Hypem.
+ Seaside

Talking about Myspace. It used to be my favorite haunting ground, when tracking down new and interesting bands, but can't recall the last time I found anything worth mentioning there! The aforementioned killing of the download function certainly didn't make things better. The occasional blog posts by bands are still worth reading to get some updates, but the rest...

Dutch blog All That Ever Mattered interviews Northern Portrait frontman Stefan. Does look as if the album will be finished come May! All That Ever Mattered has of course been added to the blogroll.
+ Crazy

One Weekly Gun has posted a new track. It's quite a brave political statement and I cannot say that I disagree with him!
+ Downer

Start! Festival (formerly known as Vesterbro Festival) announced yesterday (or was it the day before?), that the line-up for this year's festival will be published on April 6. I believe that's one month earlier than last year? My wish list is long and (obviously) includes the abovementioned DVS and NP.

In the post Wednesday evening I also mentioned the song by Napoleon with the insane title I Try To Despise The Ugly People (But The Beautiful Ones Keep Turning Me Down). I've been given the green light by Ruffa Lane Records to post it, so here we go. The single will be out April 27, so the timing is perfect, as the track should be a lock for any summer compilation.
+ I Try To Despise The Ugly People (But The Beautiful Ones Keep Turning Me Down)

Rasmus has found a way to put a little pressure on me. Twitter can be used for many purposes.

Two tracks from the forthcoming Dare EP by The Mary Onettes is now streaming at Myspace (quite a dilemma - think it sucks, but cannot live without it). Will go give them a listen now, but they can't be anywhere as fantastic as Explosions...can they? No - they are not. But they are very good indeed. On first listen Dare reminds me somewhat of Shout Out Louds.
+ Explosions

Please notice that I hadn't mentioned SXSW at all tonight. Right until now that was!

That will be it for tonight...I guess. The beer is almost finished and even though there are a few more songs left to post, I think I'll leave you here. Have a great Sunday!


Rasmus Ardahl said...

Fidusen er vist bare at integrere det i sin browser, på Facebook og alle andre steder, hvor man er.

Det MÅ tage fart i DK på et tidspunkt. Lige nu er det lidt ligesom Facebook uden venner.

Den her ser smart ud:

stytzer said...

Det må jeg tjekke på et tidspunkt. Ser lidt ud til, at der er gået inflation i nogle numre og tvivler på, at folk løbende holder øje med opdateringer fra +1000 personer?

Rasmus Ardahl said...

Den har jeg heller ikke regnet ud endnu, men tror ikke, det er meningen at man skal flere end man kan følge.

Har dog også læst, at twitter er noget man følger når man har tid. Det er altså ok at gå glip af poster.

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