March 30, 2009


My weekend was quiet and uneventful, but it always puzzles me, why I find those weekends especially stressful and exhausting?

Two weeks ago I recommended that you should download the new single Whoa Billy by Lucky Soul. Now the single has finally hit my inbox and even though I expect most of you to have downloaded it by now, I thought I should post it as a wee service for the two or three of you, who missed out on it.
+ Whoa Billy

Another new single I mentioned a while back and was equally happy to find in the inbox is Dare by The Mary Onettes. Perhaps it’s just my ears playing tricks on me, but doesn’t it have Shout Out Louds written all over it? Not trying to take anything away from the band, because the song is damn good no matter what.
+ Dare

More stuff and more bands like this please. The Papertiger Sound will release a 7 track EP called the last days are taking forever on the Hungry Audio label on May 18. But since that’s more then a month and a half away, the band has decided to give away another EP for free. Tiny Robot Love, as it’s called, can be downloaded from the band’s webpage and all 5 tracks sound unmistakably like, well, The Papertiger Sound.
+ Words Escape Me

Just read this promo mail including a download link and the sentence “At this time we prefer that you don't make xxxxxx a free download”...dooh! A shame really, as the song is pretty good.

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