April 7, 2009

Loney Dear at Lille Vega...

I’m not going to write that much about the concert, as no words I can think of will ever do it justice. That Emil Svanängen (a.k.a. Loney Dear) is a gifted songwriter has been beyond any discussion from the moment I was introduced to him 3 months ago, but that he’s such a fantastic singer and charismatic performer as well (I will remember those goosebumps during The Meter Marks OK for a long, long time), was something I had to wait until this Sunday evening to learn. That combined with having the great fortune of bumping into the maestro himself following the concert, just to learn that he’s an extremely friendly and utterly humble person, made this a truly memorable evening.
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Anonymous said...

This concert was a lot better than the performance at Roskilde '07. I would really have liked to hear the song "The City, The Airpoirt". Cool you got a picture, I hadn't thought of bringing my camera :(