April 7, 2009

Ruined by Martin and more...

The Ruined by Martin concert Friday evening was a mixed experience. It sure was great finally meeting the guys and equally great to at first hand be there to witness that the band has moved to the next level and is now a live band. Unfortunately the venue didn’t offer the band the best conditions as they had to take care of the sound themselves. So on a few occasions the sound was deficient, but taking into consideration that this was their debut and they had to do it in DIY fashion, they certainly did a fine job. And no doubt the band has learned a lot from this experience and I feel pretty certain that they’ll be doing even better the next time they hit the stage.
+ Untouchable

Unfortunately the next time won’t be at this year’s Start! Festival, as they weren't included in the official program, which was published Friday evening. Just like previous years I’m somewhat skeptical about the line-up, as there aren’t that many artists included I know that well. So the next couple of months will be spent getting introduced to a string of new and hopefully interesting acts.

Before the Loney, Dear concert Sunday evening I met Ivan (ex-Oliver North Boy Choir) for a few beers and got a brief update on the various projects involving the former ONBC members. There’s not much to be revealed right now, but in a few months time expect a few songs to surface.

Rounding out the post is some absolutely cracking news. Come May the debut album Criminal Art Lovers by Northern Portrait will hopefully be out on Matinée Recordings. Around the same time look out for the second album from The Electric Pop Group. To be named Seconds and (of course) this is a Matinée Recordings release as well.
+ The Electric Pop GroupI Could See The Lights
+ Northern Portrait - Crazy

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