May 15, 2009

Back to normal...?

This May is probably the worst ever from a blogging point of view, but I'm quite optimistic that this is soon about to change! Obviously “real life” has been somewhat responsible for the lack of updates, but quite frankly I haven’t been all that motivated recently and have found blogposts incredibly difficult to write. This has been somewhat baffling, as there has been plenty (and quite interesting stuff) to write about. However I’m of the impression that the light at the end of the tunnel is shining brighter again, which hopefully will mean that posting will resume at a more normal pace anytime soon. But I will not promise anything, though I do plan to post something this afternoon, as well as I expect to spend a couple of hours Saturday evening on that notorious reading-downloading-listening-listening again-deleting (often)-getting excited (unfortunately not that often)-routine, which normally would lead to some kind of blogpost. Later!

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