May 11, 2009

Was I lying...

...when I wrote last week that this blog is still very much alive? No, not really! Just far too many things going on right now (family, work, friends), so the blog is playing second-fiddle at the moment. As always this means that the mailbox is about to explode, so right now I’m doing that usual reading-downloading-listening-listening again-deleting (often)-getting excited (unfortunately not that often)-routine.

Among the stuff found which definitely is worth mentioning is that indie-mp3 will launch its own record label, which (no surprise really) will be called indie-mp3 Records. First release to see the light of day will be the 3 tracks Openness and Honesty EP by Leeds six-piece The Seven Inches, and if everything works out according to plans it should be out June 1. I suck at reviews, but the title track is a highly energetic, catchy, guitar-driven indie pop tune ending out in glorious fashion with trumpets galore. The final track on the EP, To Boldly Go, is shared with permission, and although it doesn’t quite reaches the wonderful heights of the title track, it works really well as an appetizer and should be enough to convince you that this is a must buy!
+ To Boldly Go

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