May 15, 2009

Your Face In The Skies...

My ongoing fascination for Danish one-man project Death Valley Sleepers should be well documented by now, as the band has been featured countless times in this blog already. So receiving news and updates from the band is always welcomed, especially since this normally means that a new track has been recorded and published. Therefore (no surprise) I got rather excited the other day, when brand new recording Your Face In The Skies popped up in my mailbox. Ever since its arrival I’ve been listening to the track over and over, thus torturing colleagues and family, as well as being inspired to once again give the older songs a thorough listen (every track ever published is still up for grabs right here). I know I wrote exactly the same two months ago, when I posted the track Seaside, but this simply has to be one of the best (if not the best) efforts by the band to date. Musically Death Valley Sleepers doesn’t take any giant leaps, as the band sound unmistakably like itself and does very little to distance itself from previous recordings (the description “The music still bridges from The Velvet Underground via JAMC to The Raveonettes” is as valid as ever). That said, I (as always) see no point in fixing what’s not broken, and as long as the flow of great songs by the band continues, things are just fine by me.
+ Your Face In The Skies

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toby said...

Good stuff, kinda reminds me of Ultra Vivid Scene who had their own VU affectations.