May 6, 2009


Although one could be tempted to think otherwise this blog is still very much alive. As mentioned several times before, one of the most inferior things life has to offer (work) sometimes heavily interferes with the more superior things (family, music and blogging) and forces me to make priorities much against my will. And since work pays the bills and blogging certainly doesn’t, I happily confess to be prostituting myself and choosing the inferior over the superior. Not permanently though. Never! But the past few days this has been the case!

As always the mails and news keep coming, so right now I’m reading, listening and working my way through piles and piles...stay tuned!

Chris mailed the other day and informed that The Lightning Seeds will soon be releasing a new album. Four Winds will be out May 18, and it's the band’s first album since the release of Tilt in November 1999. No question that Ian Broudie was one of my musical heroes of the 1990’s, so I’m looking forward to the release with a mix of both excitement and nervousness.

I always seem to be weeks behind everyone else, and when it comes to the new Camera Obscura album things are no different, as it arrived in my mailbox just a few days ago. Why it took me so long to order, I cannot tell, but exactly as I expected My Maudlin Career is a simply wonderful piece of work containing an amazing string of infectious indie-pop tunes. The band will be touring throughout the summer, but for whatever reason a Danish show has yet to be announced.
+ My Maudlin Career

As soon as I’ve finished listening to My Maudlin Career (one more time), I’m going to give the new album Sisters by Stars in Coma a good listen. Released a couple of days ago on Music Is My Girlfriend and the album can be streamed in its entirety at
+ Underneath A Fallen Leaf

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