July 1, 2009

An Ostrich in Wonderland...

One of my few readers has left a comment and asked if I could re-upload the Ostrich track Wonderland. I originally posted it way back in November 2007 and back then I wasn’t really sure whether or not it was meant to be a Christmas tune. Still not sure, but the band has okayed that I share it once again, so here we go. Speaking of Ostrich; a new fabulous track named Prepared To Fall is now streamable at Myspace. Still impatiently awaiting the duo's first release on Cynical Minds Recordings.
+ Wonderland

Another fine track streaming at Myspace is the brand new Almost Gone from Grand Avenue. Taken from the band’s 4th album, which I believe will be out some time this fall judging from the tour dates.

Finnish duo Viola is giving away the track Shimmery Summery (Sha-La-La Love), which is yet another song you really should add to that ever growing summer soundtrack.
+ Shimmery Summery (Sha-La-La Love)

This young lady doesn't seem to realize how truly fortunate she is. She claims to be "bored while Stefan is recording", but since the Stefan in question happens to be Stefan of Nothern Portrait, this actually means that she's a first-hand witness to the recordings of the Northern Portrait debut album. No, no - I'm not interested in being Stefan's next girlfriend (among things, it would require rather extensive sugery), but I'd still give a lot to be able to follow the process and hear those new songs before anyone else!

Fine Danish blog Blaa Vinyl has been added to the blogroll. A good read, but you probably need to understand Danish to fully appreciate it!

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