June 17, 2009


This is the third post in a row named ”various”. Used to call these kinds of posts for “shorties”, but I’ve moved on. My creativity certainly knows no limits!

Entakt frontman Jonas is giving away a new recording of a track (or more like a sketch for a track) written for the Sorgenfrei-Villumsen project. It was recorded in one take in his living room, while he was having a cold, so it can hardly be more lo-fi than this. You probably need to understand Danish to fully appreciate the song, but as always anything recorded by Jonas is worth a listen.
+ Bygdebarn (en sang for J)

This is sensitive stuff, but apparently booing Morrissey wasn’t the cleverest thing to do? This incident has been mentioned in every review I've read of the concert. And just for the record. No – I’m not the person in question! UPDATE: Post has been taken down.

Swedish duo the argument is giving away their second album everything depends for free via Bandcamp. Unfortunately it runs for just 25 minutes, but this is absolutely glorious stuff and if 25 minutes is what we’ll get, I guess I can live with that!
+ Nothing Remains

New single (or freebie track if not a single) You Won by The Legends seals the deal. I will now order the album, as this is among the best songs I’ve heard this year. The promo mail says “sparkling pop in colossal production with Philip of The Mary Onettes adding deliciously doomy 80s-esque drum sounds to the song's anthemic qualities. Epically lovely!”. So true!
+ You Won

The steady and impressive flow of new interesting demo recordings from Death Valley Sleepers continues. Newbie Touch Stars is perhaps a little noisier (and definitely a bit shorter) than the more recent recordings, but the songwriting remains top-notch and the influences (VU, JAMC etc.) are as present as ever. Curious as I am, I’ve asked about the band’s future plans, as I find it hard to believe that this freebie scenario can go on forever. Long term ambitions obviously do include the recordings of an album, but for now the band seems more than content sharing the demos hoping that they will help spreading the word, as well as give the band some much appreciated feedback.
+ Touch Stars

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