July 31, 2009


It's time to remove a few names from the "to-do-list".

I've been listening to I Am John, I don't know how many times today. Don't know exactly why either, but for some reason it has caught my attention (once again) and is now stuck in my head (and refuses to leave).
+ I Am John

New single Halleluja! by [ingenting] must be as close to pop perfection as you'll ever get! From the forthcoming album Tomhet, idel Tomhet, which is now available for preordering.
+ Halleluja!

Talented Danish youngsters Tetris = Therapy has announced that they'll start re-recording their old material as well as record a few new songs. 6 older tracks are free to download from BandBase.dk.
+ Big Tasty

Champagne Riot is no longer a one-man project and should now be labeled a band (or trio to be nitpicking correct). Will be interesting to see if the full line-up will be on stage on Sunday.

Lovely UK indie pop band The Cavalcade has three new tracks streaming at Myspace. The 3 tracks are included on the band's second EP the Edition 59 EP, which will be released August 5. If you haven't guessed already, only 59 copies of the EP will be printed.

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