September 19, 2009

Checking mails (day II)...

Actually there won’t be much checking (and even less writing) tonight, as I’m far too tired to do anything, except having a beer and watching yet another episode of Midsomer Murders. But I really should do the mail checking more often on Friday evenings, because the 50 (or more) mails I worked my way through last night had only been replaced by 5 this morning. I know this is (essentially) explained by the promotion agents being off for the weekend, but still it makes me feel that I really accomplished something!

But not to leave everyone empty handed, here's a remix I just found in the mailbox. The pounding and highly energetic Drum of Glass by Norwegians Monomen must be among the 10-20 best songs I’ve ever posted in the blog, and although the remix by Barretso fails to impress, it does serve as the perfect opportunity (or excuse if you like) to post the original.
+ Drum of Glass (Barretso remix)
+ Drum of Glass (via Insound)


Blues said...

i kinda like the remix more, what did u say , is it really a Norwegian music?

digs said...

i agree the remix does it for me.