September 18, 2009

Checking mails...

Reading, downloading, listening, deleting and (of course) hoping that some of it will be worth sharing. So it's pretty much business as usual.

+ Goldcure - I Wanna Hear It
Nothing new under the sun here, but sometimes rock music doesn't have to be all that complicated.

+ Jump Clubb - A Frozen Hug
New band from Beverly Hills. It's Friday evening, so I hope it's OK posting a track for the dancefloor?

+ Last Tide - Shapeshifter
From the band's debut EP The Broken Places. A noisy and dreamy tune with a female vocalist sound like a combination that has worked numerous times before; and does so once again! UPDATE! Mailed and told them that I liked the song and received a reply (including a download link for the EP) 12 minutes later! Wish more bands were like this!

+ Dark Captain Light Captain - Questions (Hatchback's Easy Explanations Mix)
Goes on and on for 9 and a half minute, but I cannot say I mind, as it's so dreamingly beautiful. From a recently released Remix EP.

+ Awesome New Republic - Alleycat
From the band's forthcoming and (if the promo mail can be trusted) much anticipated second album Hearts. A lovely and catchy pop song that took two listens to win me over!

No more tonight - will hopefully be back checking more mails tomorrow night...

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