September 22, 2009

More bullshit...

I just received a message from fellow blogger Chris that his blog Music Of The Moment has – without notice and explanation – been deleted by blogger. Now that’s a drastic move and one I simply cannot understand!

First of all I've met Chris in person a couple of times, and know he’s a true music fan and everything he’s done with and written in the blog has been for the love of music. Furthermore he’s one of the few remaining loyalists, who spend a rather large sum every year on music and CD’s especially. So pissing him off like this (as blogger and whoever else is responsible for this just have) is probably the stupidest thing the “business” could possibly do. And the whole concept of deleting before warning (or asking) the blogger is so plain stupid and inappropriate that I refuse to waste any energy on that!

But second and most importantly. Gaze randomly at Hype Machine and you’ll see countless of blogs posting tracks they have not received any permission to share. As an example you can easily find and download (without paying a single cent) the entire debut album by The xx just by visiting a handful of blogs. That despite The xx (and the label etc.) being so generous to actually make one of their tracks a free download. But at least most of these bloggers are passionate, write about the music, go to concerts and probably buy the music in some shape (there are in fact quite a few vinyls freaks around). Still it puzzles me that they can go on posting those tracks, without IFPI etc. at some point aiming their cannons at them. But the true bad guys (and Hype Machine doesn’t and never will list them) are those ”full album blogs”, who have no other content (and purpose) than the entire albums being shared. Delete those blogs. Torture the bad guys for hours and hang them up in a tree. Just kill the mother fuckers. At least they deserve it, as they are of NO use whatsoever.

So going after guys like Chris (and me for that matter, should they be contemplating that) seems to me like a country in war foolishly believing that a strategy of fighting children, women and the elderly of the opposing nation, rather than the heavily armed artillery, will be the certain path to a glorious victory. So guys please pull your act together, say you're ever so sorry and reinstate Music Of The Moment...NOW!

Finally; Chris has set up a temporary blog, where you can read his take on the incident.


More About The Devil said...

Bloody typical even though the Devil's blog www.besttuna.blogspot. com only publishes tracks with the permission of the artist, their label or their PR company or links tracks direct from their site or website which are therefore already freely available.This however doesn't stop the idiots at the IFPI complaining to Blogger about copyright infringement. At least Blogger have started to change the blog status to draft and allowing bloggers an opportunity to remove the alleged offending track which is more than they used to.

DJ Talbot said...

Wow, this is wrong. I have had one take down notice from a band and one post deleted by blogger (just for linking to another DJ's mix). Seems random, these deletions. Problem is really that it's hard to protest them with blogger.