September 18, 2009

New layout...!

Remove the question mark. Unlike Chris (check this comment) I do like the new one better, though I’m not totally satisfied. But this is what the blog will look like...for now!

I was seriously considering writing a “reverse” On The Radio This Morning post earlier today. Normally I write the “On The Radio...” posts, when something great has been aired, but within minutes this morning, Danish P3 played Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears! So from a musical point of view the start of my Friday was nothing but horrendous and I’m still somewhat puzzled why the very same radio station that plays artists like Mew, Band of Horses, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and even Grizzly Bear, pulls a stunt like this and risks its own credibility? Hannah Montana? You gotta be joking!

I’ve been listening to the new Muse album a number of times, and it’s been a rather frustrating experience. Like no other band I can think of, Muse has the “habit” of reaching the highest high and the lowest low on the same album, and unfortunately this is exactly what the band does (once again) on The Resistance.

A friendly soul has mailed me the forthcoming album by The Raveonettes, and although it’s much less pretentious and ambitious than the aforementioned album, In and Out of Control is a far more enjoyable experience. The vast majority of the 10 tracks (I know the album lists 11 tracks, but Oh, I Buried You Today hardly counts as one) are irresistibly catchy pop pieces, and do the songs, as I expect they will, survive the test of time, this album will arguably be remembered as one of the band’s finest efforts.
+ Last Dance

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