September 10, 2009

Mails, mails, mails...

If you took a look inside my head you’d probably see things spinning faster than ever before. Unfortunately this state doesn’t imply faster (or better) brain activity, but rather that I’m in some kind of state of confusion. Not exactly sure why, but today I find it incredibly difficult to think straight for more than just a few seconds. So today’s blogpost has been in the making, written and deleted a number of times!

Wish I could blame my mailbox for my current state, as it’s once again jammed. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if the mails somehow filtered themselves, so only the great (good would probably do as well) stuff would pass through? Experience does help and some promo mails end up in the trash folder without ever being read. Mails promoting Snoop Dogg, Tina Turner and other useless artists are of course easy to “file”, and some promoters have “never” promoted anything worth listening to, so they get the same treatment. But there are still plenty of mails left and I try to at least read parts of the press material, before deciding my next “move”. Still, checking them all out is impossible. Not almost impossible, but absolutely, totally and completely impossible. So more often than not several mails are deleted based on nothing but a gut feeling (bad band name, stupid song titles, no permission to share songs etc.), which obviously increases the risk of some of the good stuff being trashed.

But the past two days I’ve done my very best and have spend quite some time listening to a few artists from the ever growing promotion pile and the more listenable stuff (actually the three songs are better than just “listenable”) has been posted below. Not much I know, taking the time “invested” in this into consideration!

+ T.H. WhiteThe Darkest Horse
The artist name is bad and the promotion material made me think of Calvin Harris, whom I absolutely loath, so no way I was going to listen to this. But the CD arrived in my mailbox (the one in the door, back home) the other day, so I surrendered, and this track is not even half as bad as I expected (feared).

+ My Little PonyCapital of Norway
This Norwegian band mailed to inform that they will be touring Europe for the next month. Since no Danish dates are included, how could I possibly care? But the band name has a nice indie pop ring to it, so of course I had to give it a listen. And the song certainly confirms that this is the genre we’re dealing with!

+ Goldhawks1996
This one found in a mail saying about the band supporting The Temper Trap on a string of UK dates. More news of very little relevance, but the song is a nice uptempo and fairly catchy rock piece.

Finally; the much anticipated Cody debut album Songs arrived in the mail yesterday, and I’ve been listening to it numerous times already. But I’ll get back to that one in a later post.

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Rikke og Rune said...

ah.. ja jeg tænkte nok at du også havde modtaget den... :)