September 9, 2009

First aid...

Not trying to indicate that the blog is ailing or anything, though some might think differently. But just my simple (and perhaps somewhat awkward) way of saying that I’ve been absent from the blog the past few days, thanks to my participation in a first aid course. Getting much needed new knowledge, though obviously I’m crossing fingers and toes (and just about everything else) hoping that my recently acquired skills will never be tested!

When I wrote IFPI and asked for an explanation for why my post had been taken down, I hardly expected I'd be getting one. But I did! Last week the friendly people send the following reply; “We will contact and ask them to reinstate the file, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.” Wow. Shoot and kill and THEN say you’re sorry? I’ve promised (myself) not to use any foul language, so no further words wasted on this topic...not today, at least!

Two brand new recordings by Danish alternative/electro pop quartet Ruined by Martin are free downloads from the band’s webpage. Been following the band closely ever since I heard the first demos (a long, long time ago) and I’m absolutely thrilled that songs are now being produced at a much faster pace than (probably) ever before. Especially since I’m and optimist and sees this is a sign of the band having decided that Ruined by Martin is a project they badly want to succeed, and therefore is willing to give it their full attention. The two tracks are surprisingly different, as Scissor Paper Rock is an immediate catchy pop tune in the “usual” RbM fashion, compared to the darker, moodier and more industrial sounding Sub Intelligence. But as always the band's music is of the highly recommendable kind.
+ Sub Intelligence
+ Scissor Paper Rock

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