September 11, 2009


It’s been a rather busy day at work, as I’ve spent a fairly large chunk of it in various meetings. Luckily none of them were a waste of time, which unfortunately isn’t always the case. One negative consequence though; I’ve had very little time to check out any new stuff, so today I’ll have to scan the “back catalogue” and stick to that good-ole “shorties” formula.

Oh No Ono are giving away two recently published remixes. You do however have to register first to get access to the downloads. Don’t I just hate that!

Trying to keep the remix thread alive for a few more seconds. Remixes of two Entakt tracks are free to download (no registration needed) right here.

The Banana Hold-Up is a newly founded club night at Jolene Bar, desperately trying to resuscitate the indiepop scene in Copenhagen”. Yay! Fucking YAY!

Swedish indie collective Napoleon will release their new single Cleopatra on Ruffa Lane Records on October 5. To me it somehow seems like an odd decision to release a single oozing this much of summer deep into autumn.
+ Cleopatra

Why Write? is a new project fronted by Danish singer/songwriter Jacob Faurholt. The self-titled debut EP will be out on Canadian label What a Mess ! Records in November.
+ Jesus on a Stamp

Danish alternative rockers Green Concorde have decided to call it quits. Not exactly a surprise, but still very sad, as I can't help feeling that they never really reached their full potential.
+ This Time (remix by tWAMi)
+ The Anthem To Which We Fall
+ Catch and Turn
+ Flowers of Romance

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