September 25, 2009

Soldier on...

Spent yesterday on the couch at home, as I wasn’t feeling well at all. Countless times did I start writing a blog post, but my heart and head (especially) wasn’t in it at all. Instead I spent parts of the day listening to the new Richard Hawley album, lying on said coach with my eyes closed and the music streaming from the headphones. And what a truly luxurious thing to be able to do, and definitely something I wish I could do more often (family does take its toll you know), as the experience of listening to music this way is vastly superior to the way I normally get my daily dose of music; streaming from the computer at work. So needless to say I embraced this opportunity with gratitude and as Truelove’s Gutter had just arrived in the mailbox, the timing could hardly be any better. Can't say I'm feeling 100% today, but at least good enough to "soldier on" (!).

As always words seem to fail me completely, when needing to express how wonderful an album is. And Truelove’s Gutter really is nothing but just that. So I suggest you turn to Chromewaves’ excellent write up instead, and I seriously doubt I could come up with a more accurate conclusion than “It’s a thing of beauty”.

The William Blakes, one of the most talented and interesting new Danish bands to emerge in recent years, has signed a distribution deal with Canadian indie label Last Gang Records. Unable to find the news on the label’s webpage (check the Danish press release instead), but the band’s excellent debut album Wayne Coyne will (accordingly) see a North American release in November.
+ Violent God

Nomethod Records are offering the new single from Mixtapes & Cellmates as a free download. The press release claims that the band is heading in a new musical direction, and Soon somewhat verifies this. Still plenty of noisy guitars, but the programmed drums are gone and so is the shoegaze inspired sound. Taken from the forthcoming album Rox, which will be out October 28.
+ Soon

A couple of new demo tracks by Yoav are now streaming at Myspace. Or sign up for the mailing list and get an mp3 of newbie Yellow Brite Smile for free.