September 23, 2009


Despite massive complaints blogger still hasn’t reinstated Music of the Moment. Instead Chris has reloaded the blog himself now using Wordpress.

A trio of news from glorious indie label Shelflife Records:

The CDEP+7" The Imperial School by Horse Shoes has now hit the stores. It's a limited edition release, so hurry up ordering your copy!
+ The Imperial School
+ Changing Winds

On October 27 the label will release the debut album It Hertz! by UK electro pop duo Katsen. The tracks on the album constantly switches back and forth between being catchy then playful, which immediately made me think of the OMD album Dazzle Ships.
+ Where Nobody Can Find Us

The last piece of news from Shelflife made my heart beat just a little bit faster of sheer excitement; “We're planning new releases for Days...”. Days! Hopefully you do recall this incomparable and totally ingenious indie pop quartet from Gothenburg? Anyway this is absolutely phenomenal news and something I’ve been eagerly awaiting for a long, long time! Rather unfathomably the band’s debut CDEP+7” Downhill hasn't been sold out(?).
+ Simple Thing
+ Downhill

UK newgazers Sennen has recorded a cover of the New Order track Bizarre Love Triangle. Obviously it’s not better than the original (I seriously doubt I’ll ever hear a New Order cover better than the original), but nonetheless the band’s rendition of the song is excellent and the noisy guitars add an extra dimension that suits the track just fine! Taken from the band's forthcoming EP Destroy Us.
+ Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)

Elise And The Guardian Angel by sadly overlooked Danish indie/americana/multi-inspired singer Mushi is track of the day at
+ Elise And The Guardian Angel


Chris said...

wow, you were quicker than me! :) I'll go officially public today and let everyone know as well.

music business said...

another cover for "bizarre love triangle"..cant wait for this..i really like this song...