September 16, 2009

New layout...?

I spent a little time today working on a new layout for the blog and if you're interested in seeing how things are progressing, you can check it right here. All inputs are welcome; positive or negative (especially).

Probably old news, but learned today that Magic Arm will be supporting Camera Obscura at Loppen (Copenhagen) on September 30 (and the rest of the band's European tour as well). Obviously I was hoping that Northern Portrait would get that job, but since everything I’ve heard by Magic Arm so far is really interesting, I’m seriously looking forward to become a lot more familiar with the experimental electronic pop universe of this one-man project.
+ Daft Punk is Playing at My House (LCD Soundsystem cover)
+ Bootsy Bootsy (Real Doll remix)

Speaking of Northern Portrait. I checked the Matinée Recordings news page today, but still no news to be found on the band's debut album Criminal Art Lovers. Instead there’s plenty of info on the new Strawberry Whiplash EP Picture Perfect including the mighty fine title track as a free download. Ordering the EP will cost you a measly fiver (USD), so what exactly is stopping you?
+ Picture Perfect


Chris said...

looks not to bad. I personally liked the old one better, but that's just my taste! :) And in the end, it's what's written that counts! ;)

Parklife said...

i quite like the new layout but I'd change the colour of the outer region (the green (?) one). All in all it looks a lot friendlier than the old one, not so dark :-) Though I like dark blogs (such as mine ;-)

stytzer said...

@Peter - the background or the right column?