September 15, 2009

Evening update...

Thought it smarter to create a new post rather than continue writing on today's previous post. This will be a kind of "shorties" edition.

As much as I'd love to, there'll be no listening to Muse tonight. I'm simply too tired, and doubt that Id be able to stay focused for an entire album.

Not exactly music related, but UEFA Champions League kicks off tonight. Won't watch any game(s), but will definitely be monitoring the scores.

Gave the debut by The Big Pink a quick listen earlier today. Obviously it's too early to say anything, but I did quite enjoy what I managed to hear of A Brief History of Love. Will bring it with me to work tomorrow, so colleagues beware. When some idiot start shouting about "girls fall like dominos"; it's just me.
+ Dominos

Just saw that Ruined by Martin will be playing at Rust in Copenhagen on November 14 as part of “Ekstra Bladet live” (whatever that is exactly). If your short term memory is remotely better than mine, you’ll probably recall that this is the very same night at the first of The Banana Hold-Up club nights. No problem, as I thought I could do both. But I just checked the calendar, and my wife is going out that night, so I’m the one in charge of the kids (insert “unhappy smiley”). Hmmmm - anyone interested in babysitting?
+ Defy the Odds

This offer has to be the bargain of the century. Buy the 2005 album Working from Home by The Consultants for 1 (one!) USD from the Shelflife shop (on CD). Maybe my taste isn't always the best, but I did rank the album as the seventh best album of 2005.
+ Snow Fell (It's Night)
+ Hollow - Bodied Evening