September 15, 2009

Should I...?

Here I am, once again trying to figure out whether or not I should bother listen to an album getting a lot of (and maybe even a little too much) attention. The just released The Resistance album by Muse is “everywhere” and at one point it felt like every second Facebook update or tweet was a comment on the album, which has made me think that I have to be the only person left on the planet, who has yet to give it a try. So I’ll probably give it a listen tonight, just to get an idea of what the whole hoopla is about. Meanwhile I’m going to read, what the Frekvens staff thinks of it.

Chris has posted it. And so has Peter. Now it’s my turn to post the amazingly catchy track A Purpose To My Sins by Swedish one-man band Danish Daycare; the solo project of Emerald Park keyboardist Daniel Jönsson. My first impression when I heard the song was that it sounded like The Cure (think In Between Days) with New Order vocals, and lo and behold, who do you guess are topping the list of influences? Taken from the album A Story of Hurt, which will be out October 9 on afmusic. What really sucks about this is that I now recall receiving a message ages ago from Danish Daycare suggesting I should check out the music, but being woefully ignorant, I opted not to (bummer!)!
+ A Purpose To My Sins

The very first of The Banana Hold-Up club nights will take place on November 14 at Jolene Bar in Copenhagen. Expect indie pop music galore.

I’ve written this so many times that it’s almost tedious. I simply don’t know how to write reviews, and as much I love getting copies of albums for reviewing, I’m not capable of producing anything worth reading or quoting. When I actually try, my so-called review basically sums up to whether or not I like what I’m hearing, and that can hardly be called a review. So regarding the Cody debut album Songs I’ll stick to what I normally do in these kind of situations; recommend that you download the sample track below and if you like it, give the rest of the album a listen, as (in this case) it’s absolutely wonderful.
+ Another Year

Hope to add more later today/tonight...

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