November 27, 2009


Something very, very unusual happened yesterday, as I honestly cannot recall the last time I went an entire day (holidays not included), without being on the Internet for just a couple of minutes. We probably have to go as far back as 1996, but as written I'm not really sure. But anyhow this is exactly what happened yesterday and I’m rather surprised how well I dealt with it. And it does look, as if the www did behave quite nicely in my absence, so no harm done really!

Working close to the city centre sure does have its advantages, as I just spent my lunch break rushing out and buying the new moi Caprice singles compilation All We Fear Is Love that was released this Monday.
+ The Art of Kissing Properly

Following shamelessly in the footsteps of Shallgrenzen and Music of the Moment and posting the new single 5 Steps / 7 Swords by Get Well Soon. New album Vexations will be out very early next year and hopefully it will equally diverse and interesting as the truly remarkable debut Rest Now, Weary Head! Jonas has just brought to my attention that the band will be playing at Loppen, Copenhagen on March 23 next year!
+ 5 Steps / 7 Swords

Brilliant Italian combo A Classic Education has a new free to download single named What My Life Could Have Been out on Holiday Records. The second track on the single is the band's wonderful cover of Toi.

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