December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas...

This will probably be the last post before Christmas, so time has come to wish regulars, occasional readers and anyone else, who happens to pop by, a Merry Christmas!

I don’t think I’ve watched one full episode of this year’s Christmas Calendar Pagten, but nonetheless I’m looking forward to it every day just to be able to hear the fantastic title track Uden Hinanden.

Danish music site has published a list of the 25 most popular artists of the past decade and obviously it’s thrilling to see favorites Entakt finishing second overall. Then in the same breathe they published a post stating that the band is (sort of) splitting up and then (sort of) reassembling the pieces. What this means exactly I don’t know (and apparently the band doesn’t either), so your guess is as good as mine!
+ Vinterbrud

Matinée Recordings just mailed that they are shipping my order today! Hey mr. postman! Hurry up!

US indie pop act (one-man project) Fireflies offers his new Covers EP as a free download. I've mentioned times and times before that I'm no fan of cover versions, but the 7 recordings included on this EP are simply brilliant.
+ Walk On The Moon (Asobi Seksu cover)
+ Walk On The Moon (Asobi Seksu original)


Parklife said...

Hej Morten,
there's an error in the Fireflies-EP-link - it should end with ".zip" I guess ;-)

Merry christmas to you & your family,

stytzer said...

Thank you Peter for the correction and Merry Christmas to you too :)