January 4, 2010

A new year...

Was hoping to find the time to post something during the Christmas break, but found no time at all. However, being back at work hopefully means that things will soon return to normal. This correlates very well with the ranking of the important things in life (family first, blog second and work third). Sadly work pays the bill! Therefore, better late than never, A Happy New Year to everyone!

The old year ended in the best possible way, as the Northern Portrait debut album Criminal Art Lovers arrived in my mailbox on New Year’s Eve. I’ve decided not to write anything about the album, and instead encourage you to click the Northern Portrait label below this post. Once you’ve read those other 49 posts containing words on the band, do I then really need to write how much I love Northern Portrait? And how incredibly fabulous the album is? Do I? Instead I’d much rather complain about the release date. Technically it’s a 2009 release and thus it belongs in “best of 2009/00’s” lists, but the timing of its release pretty much made it ineligible. Most people will probably say that it didn’t belong there anyway, but I’m quite happy that I didn’t make any lists, as they would forever be incomplete.
+ New Favourite Moment

More stuff tomorrow – still trying to get back in gear!

1 comment:

José Antonio said...

"Criminal art lovers" arrived in my mailbox too!!! Today I was driving my car to work and I was listening this fantastic album!!!
It´s one of the best albums in the History!!!! I LOVE it!!!
Thanks Morten for discovering this band to the world in your blog!!! ;)
Take care!